Datin Dr Clarence Kavetha


Datin Dr Clarence Kavetha (MBBS (IMU), MRCPCH (UK)) is the resident paediatrician in Clare Child Specialist Clinic in Desa Park City.

An esteemed member of the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and NSR,  Dr Clare honed her medical skills in various government hospitals in the country, handling some of the toughest cases in child and infant healthcare, and further polished her expertise internationally

Arguably one of the brightest minds in paediatric care, Dr Clare has also done multiple research. Some of these notably are; the Clinical Dengue Audit 2014 in Kajang Government Hospital and the Clinical Thrombophlebitis Audit 2015 also from the similar hospital.

In 2004, Dr Clare also tabled her presentation on doubleblind randomised controlled trial (RCT) on the perception of asthma, using spirometry, to an esteemed group of paediatricians in Bangkok, Thailand.

Given Dr Clare’s years of experience, and her stellar training in advanced paediatric life support, she has also been tasked with training aspiring paediatricians in her role as a certified neonatal resuscitation programme (NRP) instructor.

As an NRP instructor, Dr Clare has taken in scores of young doctors under her wing in the last four years, helping them to polish their skills, by upholding only the best and finest practice standards in paediatric care.